10 Steps To Stay Organized & Kill The To-Do List

Honoring Your Word

Staying organized is a start, but that’s only half of the work. Organization and prioritization go hand in hand. Here are the steps to stay organized without a to-do list.

1. Review Your Calendar & To-Do List

2. Bucket These Tasks

3. Assign Percentages To Your Buckets

4. Transition To-Dos to Your Calendar

5. Add Recurring Buckets Into Your Calendar

6. Use Email For Reminders & Snooze

7. Stay Organized, But Don’t Get Obsessive

8. It Is Okay To Push Off a Task

9. Quick Tasks

10. Review Your Tasks End of Day and Sundays

Bonus Steps

Make a Weekly Accomplishment Document

Completing Tasks Ahead of Time

Personal Tasks

Project Management Tool — Trello

In Closing



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