5 Ways to Hack All You Can Eat Korean BBQ

I’m a huge fan of Korean BBQ especially of all you can eat Korean BBQ. Before you eat all you can eat, you should know of some of the caveats that the typical patron may not know. Below, I’ve hashed out some ways to hack your Korean BBQ experience so you can enjoy more food without feeling like you were partially scammed. I want to point out that not all Korean BBQ restaurants pull these tactics, but you should be prepared nevertheless.

1. Look at the fine print

Before you begin dining for your all you can eat Korean BBQ experience, take a look at the fine print on the menu. Typically, it will state how long you have until your time is up, but there is another clause that seems sketchy. They will say that your final dish will be served after X amount of time. Oftentimes this can be upwards over 20 minutes if not more before the set time that you have for your full dining experience. In short, if they say you have 90 minutes to dine, the restaurant may only give you 60 minutes to order your food.

2. Order quickly

You want to order quickly because guess what? The clock starts when you sit down. As mentioned in point 1, you may have less time to actually order than it first seems.

3. Don’t let them change the hot plate

They will change your hot place mid-way to give you a fresh one. Here’s the thing, by doing so you get a cold hot plate. Meaning it has to reheat, wasting precious time from your Korean all you can eat BBQ experience. If you’re not a big eater this isn’t an issue, but it will definitely decrease the amount of food you will eat if you let them remove the plate.

4. Order as much food at once

Don’t be an amateur and order one dish at a time. Order a few dishes — push it to the limit. However, don’t be left with leftovers because then they may charge you. Be smart. Sometimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

5. They lower the heat

I am not saying every restaurant does this, but I’ve witnessed it first-hand. Towards the end of your dining experience, they will lower the heat, so your food cooks more slowly. If you see the waiter do this, ask them to raise the heat for you. It’s a scummy thing to do, and they’re doing this so you have more time to digest and eat less.

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