History of Clubhouse Shoot Your Shot

In November I came across the room Shoot Your Shot on Clubhouse. It was run predominantly by black singles. It would start around 11 pm EST and go into the late hours. It was creative, direct, and fun. A few months later I began to host my own Shoot Your Shot rooms.

What is Shoot Your Shot

Shoot Your Shot is a commonly found room on Clubhouse. In short, you go up on stage, share a little bit about yourself, what you’re looking for, and then you say who you’re interested in romantically within the room (we call this “shooting your shot”) . …

I visit my dad in Westchester so we can go shopping at the Westchester Mall to pick up some new clothes for him. During the car ride, he had an occasional cough. Unbeknownst to both of us, he was falling ill with COVID-19.

My dad has become pretty sick with fever and chills. The next day he tested positive for the virus and our lives were altered permanently. The next couple of days into the course of the virus he began to feel better telling his friends he’d be able to golf with them in a couple of weeks, however…

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) growing daily, I wanted to visualize the spread of this pandemic using a bar chart. I am passionate about using data to tell a story and show the impact. I made three visualizations. If you have any feedback or questions, shoot me an email here.

  1. Coronavirus by Country
  2. Coronavirus by Country (excluding China)
  3. Coronavirus by State (USA)

I used Flourish as my tool to visualize the dataset, which came from Kaggle. It is essential to take this seriously and help stop the spread of this virus. …

Frequently I get asked how do you have a day job while working on your side projects? I then share with them the process of how I stay organized and stay on top of my calendar. While sharing, I noticed that adding constraints or tasks allows me to focus on my priorities and complete my work.

This article lays out a framework on how to stay organized and kill your to-do list. But aside from that, you will learn how to stay organized in your professional as well as personal life.

Traditionally, people will keep a to-do list to prioritize…

About one year ago, I had the opportunity to be on the TEDx stage. The process of getting there was methodical, stressful, and pushed me beyond my comfort zone. Here are a few tips on how to successfully prepare for your TED talk.

For those who don’t know me, I did my TEDx on how opportunities are everywhere. After my close family friend, Louis had passed, I wanted to honor him. I raised $40,000 for the National Alliance on Mental Illness to help other teens struggling with mental health and started the mental health online community, 18percent.

Before I came…

What is Yammer?

Microsoft Yammer, more commonly referred to as Yammer is a social network used for private communication within organizations. It is a freemium enterprise social networking service used for private communication within organizations. An excellent way to engage your employees. Access to a Yammer network is determined by a user’s network domain. Individuals with an approved email, can join the Yammer network.

Organizations commonly choose Yammer as a solution if they are part of Microsoft’s suite or looking for a Corporate online solution to engage their employees.

How to Create a Yammer Group

When you create your Yammer group title it by function, if your organization is…

One of the biggest challenges with in-person events is that you connect, exchange business cards, LinkedIn’s, but then great likelihood never chat again. With community, you can invite them to join and continue the conversation with them or other members of your community. This is a great way to keep the conversation alive. This keeps them top of mind without the forced pressure of having to connect with them directly right away.

2. Breakdown the silos

In an industry such as mental health, there are professionals in nonprofits, for-profits, governments, education, etc. These professionals are extremely siloed and typically know one another in their…

When building an online community you have many choices of platforms to choose from. Some of these online community platforms are free while others have tier pricing. Some have many features while others are solely group chat. There are pros and cons to each as well, but most importantly you must explore what fits best for your online community.

Discord was initially for the video gaming community. It specializes in text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in web browsers. It is free for setting up…

Building online communities are hard. Having built 2 successful online communities over the last two years, made me realize that is definitely a skill of its own. I see online communities built daily, only to become dormant soon after. I layout 10 tips on how to build a successful online community. For the purpose of this article, I will focus on my favorite platform to build an online community, Slack.

1. Share your community on Reddit

One of the most challenging aspects of online communities is getting members. I would say user acquisition is typically the most challenging aspect for most companies — whether you’re trying…

I’m a huge fan of Korean BBQ especially of all you can eat Korean BBQ. Before you eat all you can eat, you should know of some of the caveats that the typical patron may not know. Below, I’ve hashed out some ways to hack your Korean BBQ experience so you can enjoy more food without feeling like you were partially scammed. I want to point out that not all Korean BBQ restaurants pull these tactics, but you should be prepared nevertheless.

1. Look at the fine print

Before you begin dining for your all you can eat Korean BBQ experience, take a look at the…

Zach Schleien

Day Job: Johnson & Johnson / Creator of 18percent & Filter Off

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